Monday, June 21, 2010

Beer Below Zero Crazy Hour!

The BBZ “beer gods” have done it again…….after successfully being able to create buzz in the beer world since they launched BBZ 2 years ago, they are now creating another kind of buzz that is making people “CRAZY”
                         BBZ Crazy Hour at a Grilla Branch

Dubbed as BBZ’s Crazy Hour, people are going totally nuts because of the Php 9.00 beers! Yes, beers served at below zero for only 9 pesos! Available from 5-6 pm, it is a nationwide campaign that has already been to Cebu, Bacolod & most of the ground zero bars in the Metro.
Crazy Hour has gained “notoriety” and a cult following because it has become a gathering of BBZ’s SiBEERians (people who love drinking BBZ). As contagious as it is, the SiBEERian crowd grows more and more with every BBZ Crazy Hour. With people craving for the next location as early as they have arrived to the ground zero outlet, indeed, it is the much awaited event in the beer world today!
Proving how successful BBZ has become, a lot of copycats have surfaced along the way, but still they can’t beat the kind of following BBZ has because of the quality of its service. It’s not all about cooling the beers, its CONSISTENCY, branding, promos, marketing, PR and anything you can possibly think of. Indeed, Beer Below Zero Degrees has proved itself that it’s not just a simple technology, it’s a brand that comes out with out-of-the-box strategies to provide supreme service for the indulgence of the beer world today.  
The Trio behind BBZ: Jay-Jay Angala, Luigi Nunez and Vinson Cosay 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sit, Snack & Go 5 Mode Booster Seat

The Sit, Snack and Go 5 Mode Booster Seat by Safety 1st gives parents multiple ways to accommodate their growing child. Smaller children start out with a full seat that includes armrests and tray.
As they grow, it's easy for you to move through the several different modes to best suit the needs of your child. In any mode, the booster folds for easy travel and storage, making it a great seat for parents on the go!

Happiness is a journey that starts when you are a baby

Chicco's vast experience in the infant world has now been consolidated by the Chicco Observatory facility, dedicated to the development of psycho-physical, emotional and social needs of children ages 0 to 3.  The first few years are a vital period for the growth of all children, a period which is full of significant changes and physical and psychological needs. Chicco collaborates with experts such as pediatricians, teachers and other authorities to keep up to date with the knowledge and progress made in the pediatric field and to assess the scientific value of each product ensuring to  meet the demands of every child for each growth phase.