Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Richwell Trading Corporation will launch the newest and far exciting Hot Wheels Trick Track Collection. Hot Wheels funs will enjoy this robotic track set.

It will be wild, thrilling ride for kids have to zoom past the radar detector and projectile missiles to get to the finish line. Each cool stunt triggers another, and can be connected to build up the one dangerous and exciting stunt! Each set includes one awesome Hot Wheels car, Comes with two pieces of track, Collect and connect all the sets! 
There's a ton of exciting stunt to be done with Trick Tracks sets. This set connects with other Trick Tracks stunts to continually build upon the action and excitement. The Robo collection set includes the Lift Launcher stunt set, Slam Bridge stunt set, Spin Blade, Radar Rocket, Cyborg Blaster stunt set, Flip Launch stunt set, Spin Wrecker stunt set, and Cyborg Spinner track set.
You’ll experience tons of thrills and excitements with these ready-made customize stunts. Some Hot Wheels vehicles are for use in this Trick Tracks.
The Hot Wheels is exclusively distributed by Richwell Trading Corporation, and is available at all leading department store and toy stores nationwide.

Have Great Time with Great Games by Mattel Games

Have a great time in your family bonding this rainy season with Mattel Games Collection

The Uno Games are so much exciting and thrilling to play, games such as Uno Cards, is easy to learn and have fun doing at same time, by simply matching the color or the number on cards and you can also prevent another player for finishing with cards such as reverse, skip or force the player to draw cards, and if you shout Uno first to a player that is down to one card only, that player will be force to draw two cards.

Or with Uno Stacko, has the same concept of Uno Cards but a totally different game play, All you need to do is to stacks block with corresponding color and put it at top, the higher you get the blocks, the much fun you will have. Also try other Uno Games like Uno Attack, Uno Spin and Car go Uno. You will spend hours of great fun with your with family at home.

The Scrabble Games is a word game with tiles that corresponds a letter each letter on tiles has an equivalent value. The player must drawn seven (7) letters tiles at random and tries making their best to use those letters tiles by putting the letter tiles to the board to form words in a crossword-style. The value of the letters are can be boosted by the premium square on the board. It a great learning fun activity game that your family can enjoy.
The Pictionary Game is a game where the pencil does most of the talking. You and your team must guess the words by sketching clues to each other. The clues could be a place, a person, or something you do. Don’t get to comfort for this game is a race for time. Sketch what you want them to say and draw it down with some clues until they get it. With lots on interaction and communication your family will have blast while playing this game.


The Mattel Games is exclusively distributed by Richwell Trading Corporation, the largest toy distributor in the Philippines. Mattel Games are available at all leading department stores and toy stores nationwide. For more information about our product, visit us at www.richwell.net or call 732-5141.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Toys, baby products and more!

With the "ber" months closing in just a few days, businesses are beefing up their stocks and product offerings to make the most out of the holidays in the next 3 months. Richwell Trading Corporation, one of the biggest distributors of children products such as toys, clothes, shoes and other kiddie products in the Philippines has recently held its 2010 Holiday Tradeshow at the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club. Open to all its loyal patrons and customers, the Tradeshow aims to provide its customers with critical information and strategies and ways on how to maximize their sales of company's brands and products such as Barbie, Chicco, Safety First, Hot Wheels, Mega Blocks and Vtech. 
The Wack Wack Pavillon packed with Richwell's loyal customers and patrons
The event would definitely delight the child in you. There were a lot of new products introduced by Richwell Trading such as the Moon Sand, Viking Toys, Liv and new products from known brands such as Barbie, Hot Wheels and Mega Blocks. I was also surprised to see Noddy toys and dolls, if you have a toddler at home, you'll know who this character is. I was also surprised to see a lot of different variants of Barbie dolls, from dolls to accessories, name it, they go it.  New innovations for several baby products were also highlighted from Chicco and Safety First. Electronic gadgets for kids from Vtech would definitely make every kid drool over these products.   
Viking Toys - makes safe and durable toys for your kids.

Little girls' dream doll

Hot Wheels still produces the same old quality toys that we all used to love
"Make way for Noddy!" now available locally
Richwell Trading Corporation has taken the art of selling children products to a higher level, from carefully selected brands and products to cater to the different markets locally, to the science of selling and in-store merchandising that would definitely catch the attention of its target market, the company has made its mark in the local business industry. Wwe can see that the business of toys and other children's products has a big potential in the local market. With the ever growing population, it seems there's no stopping Richwell Trading Corp. to become the country's biggest children's products distributor.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Torque's Power of Three

August 13, 2010. MANILA, PHILIPPINES. TORQUE T100 THRICE “the Three Musketeers” Three musketeers is about three inseparable friends who live by a motto “all for one, one for all.” Just like Torque’s T100 Thrice, the latest innovative banner product of Torque that has Triple SIM slots that works all together in one handset!  It has all the features of any premium branded handset – quadband GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz with a large 2.0” QCIF LCD 220X176 pixels, a 1.3 MP camera with Video Recorder, Bluetooth, FM Radio,/MP3/MP4 /3GP player, expandable memory up to 2GB and Customizable SIM Names.  The T100 is the most affordable triple SIM handset in the Philippines to date. It will retail only at P3,499.00, it’s like a thousand bucks per phone with this Triple SIM handset! Torque T100 Thrice is perfect for people who are carrying more than 2 lines, may it be from the 3 major networks, or wireless landline. Having one phone has never been this well.
Torque DQ50 ”the Chatter”

Another affordable product offering from Torque is the DQ50, a dual SIM, full QWERTY keyboard handset with a large 1.8” 65K color TFT LCD, Wireless FM Radio and MP3/3GP player, WAP/GPRS/MMS/SMS enabled and expandable memory up to 2GB with a price tag of P1,499.00! Available in Urban Black, Urban Red and Urban Yellow colors, the DQ50 is a text addict’s dream phone

Torque E55 “the Mobile Radio Portal”

With today’s technology, more advancement is being made to keep up on the ever growing demands of consumers. Most mobile phone manufacturers put in a lot of unnecessary features in their products that only makes the phone expensive, unlike with Torque’s E55 that only carries the most useful function that cellular phone users would need in a mobile phone, a call and text function. An alarm, calendar, calculator, an FM Radio and torch light are the added features that are also essential. E55 might be simple in its features but not in its look because this mobile phone is available in 5 different colors on top of its colored TFT LCD display. E55 is just Php 999.00.

Visit us in 3/F Activity Center, Starmall Alabang, G/F Fountain Area, Robinson’s place Manila, G/F Main entrance Market Market, Taguig and at 3/F Center Mall SM North EDSA Quezon City on August 20, 2010 and enjoy a one day special rate of Torque’s mobile phone.

Just visit www.torque-online.com, www.torque.com.ph, www.torque.ph  for additional information on Torque products.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Color Shifters from Hot wheels

Isn't is amazing how far toys have gone from ordinary to the extra ordinary. One example is the Hot Wheels Color Shifters Power Creatures. Hot Wheels has taken one step ahead of its competition by turning an ordinary toy car to making it shift its body color to four different colors by just putting it on different water temperatures.
My daughter Franky is simply amazed how the colors shift from yellow to purple by placing ice water on the car, then turns back to light green with luke warm water and back to yellow with very hot water. 

with ordinary luke warm water

with ice water
green to yellow with hot water
May i remind you, kids should be supervised by an adult especially handling very hot water.

Hot Wheels Color Shifter Power Creatures are exclusively distributed by Richwell Trading Corporation and available at all leading toy stores and department stores nationwide.

Spend a Magical Time with Merliah, the Mermaid Barbie!

When a child sees a Barbie doll, two reactions will shift in a snap: amazement and excitement!

These two were the exact reactions of my three-year old daughter Franky when I went home one night and showed her the Barbie Merliah Doll. I can still remember how high she jumped out of the bed and how hard she shrieked with excitement upon seeing the pink and blue box where Barbie “lives.”

This is the fourth time she has seen a real Barbie doll. But, it’s as if it’s the first time when she finally laid her hands on the Merliah Barbie Doll. She loved the doll so much that it took her almost two hours to play with it and even insisted that she bring the doll along when I tucked her to sleep!

The Barbie Merliah Doll was inspired from the computer animated direct-to-video movie, “Barbie in A Mermaid Tale,” which was released on March this year. The movie featured
Merliah “Liah” Summers, a 16-year-old top surfer from who half-human, half-mermaid.

What is pretty amazing is from the hair down to her toe nails, the Merliah Doll exactly looks like the character in the movie! Along with the Merliah Barbie doll is cute pink dolphin covered with glitters and a set of accessories including a glittered tiara, a comb, a pair of cool shades, and a pair of pink flip-flops all come in pink!  

But what Franky really enjoyed is the unique transformation of Merliah Barbie Doll—from her casual clothes—to a beautiful mermaid through her reversible dress!  The casual blue dress comes with a hood and once you pull it down, it can transform Merliah to a beautiful mermaid with pink mermaid tail and fin!

Another exciting surprise came when Ahren accidentally dropped Merliah into the water. Slowly, Merliah’s hair turned pink. Body art also appeared on her arm and stomach while her toe nails were also painted pink!

At first, Ahren worried that she might have ruined the doll and she started crying. It took a 10-minute explanation and a demonstration on how the hair of Merliah changes its color when wet. Finally, she stopped worrying and started to enjoy the doll once again. Now, in a different setting: in a small basin filled with water!

She enjoyed Merliah in her mermaid form so much that she would bring the doll along with her when she takes a bath. Along with them is the pink, glittery dolphin.

As I often see her playing with Merliah, I realized that my daughter became more creative and imaginative. I would see her talking to the doll and care for it. I also noticed that she became more attentive. She also learned how to play independently and quietly!
Although it is very tempting to buy your daughter a Merliah Barbie doll, always make sure that it her age is appropriate for the toy. Since the package contains small parts such as the pair of slippers and the shades, it is not advisable to leave a child under three years of age. 

Like other dolls, the Merliah Barbie doll is a perfect toy for mommy and daughter bonding since you can both dress it up and comb its hair. It is also such a nice experience to see your daughter care for a doll as if it were a real person or as an extension of herself.