Friday, October 15, 2010

Torque unleashes its new line up this month!

In this day and age of high technology, our lifestyles have drastically changed into a speeding highway of communication. Leading telecommunication companies continuously offer us with irresistible packages to help us stay efficiently connected, while the leading mobile brands incessantly produce the right gadget that should fit our ever changing needs and preferences. It is now in the hands of the consumer to pick which mobile unit deems the most cost efficient. TORQUE makes choosing quite simple. 

Enter Torque! Their products are known for quality, stability and reliability. DQ510 unit is the world’s slimmest dual sim qwerty phone, with real metal casing perfect for elegant professionals. Moreover, it has 8.66mm, Quadband GSM 850/900/1800/1900 mhz, large 2.4” 266K color, QVGA (Quarter Video Graphics Accelerator) LCD 320x240 pixels, 1.3 mega pixel compatible camera with video recorder, JAVA/WAP 2.0/GPRS/SMS/MMS, Bluetooth, FM radio/MP3/MP4/3gp Player, Voice Recorder, Micro-SD (up to 3 gigabyte) expandable memory, Real Metal Casing, Includes Clip it Battery Pack with a price of only P3,999.00.

Can’t stay away from the tube? Now you can, with DQ600! Known as the world’s cheapest dual sim TV qwerty mobile phone. Watch your favorite show anytime, anywhere while staying connected with a price of P2,999.  3 Colors Available:  Blue/Red/Yellow.
Not big on technology? Then DQ70 is the no-frills phone for you. The cheapest Dual-Sim QWERTY with camera and Bluetooth in the market for only P1,799! 3 Colors Available:  Black/White/Yellow.
E120 on the other hand is your basic Ultra Slim Single-SIM card phone with a price of P1,199.
5 Colors Available:  Pink/Green/Purple/Silver/Yellow.
On a budget? Then Torque D2 Dual SIM basic is the perfect fit for your tight budget. It is the cheapest dual sim phone in the market with a going rate of P1,099. 3 Colors Available:  Black/Purple/White/Yellow.
A Fast –paced lifestyle does not necessarily mean complicated.  Torque breaks it down as easy as using their units. Thing is, with it’s features plus that very affordable price tag, you need not think about it twice. So go ahead. Take your pick. Quick! 

Battle Strikers: New Generation Tops

A new generation of spinning tops has arrived and this there will be no more manually releasing or throwing the top just to make it spin. The New Generation Tops are now tougher and cooler than ever before and, not to mention spins a lot faster! Introducing the new Battle Striker Metal XS series! Experience high-speed action with the intensity of clashing metal on metal at over 6000 revolution per minute and the great thing about this is that can you can control your Striker tops movements at your own. Move it where you want it to go or when you attack your opponent. 
 The Battle Striker Metal XS Tournament set brings you to the next level of battle tops with its innovative battling technology and control into your own hands with full metal weapons, a new motorized launcher, with a powerful magnetic control and comes with the ultimate battle knockout arena. Wait there’s more! Metal XS series introduces three new teams that Strikers will love to play with. First the Predators, they are the guardian of the land and seas, they are most fierce animals, and they will tear their way to their opponents with vicious attacks. Next is the Paladin, the elite warriors that rise from the dust of battle, they can outwit their opponents using intense fighting technique to take them down. And lastly, the Phantom, from dark corners of the world, they rise from the shadows, the most savage fiends that suck the energy of their opponents.
The great thing about Battle Striker is that you can customize the strikers to make it even stronger, if you have two or more strikers you can use to change or upgrade your strikers by combining their pieces together to make one new stronger striker. The more strikers you have, more you can improve your strikers’ performance.

Battle Strikers will have it first tournament here in the Philippines, starting on October 14 to 17 at SM San Lazaro, October 21 to 24 at SM Markina and on October 28 to 30 at SM Mall of Asia. Go grab these high tech battle tops, and be the turbo top champion to take home the prize money worth Php 15,000!

Battle Strikers and accessories are exclusively distributed by Europlay Distributor Company Inc. They are at all available leading toy stores and department stores nationwide. For more information call Europlay Distributor Company Inc. at telephone numbers 732-5141 to 47 loc 211

Online Directory -Discover the New Market for Buying or Selling

The online directory has evolved as the new market for conducting business deals. If you are a seller, let your product reach your customers and as a buyer, enjoy a greater variety at the best price. Read on to find out what potential benefits an online directory holds for you.

The trends of marketing and selling undergo change from time to time and are always evolving. Sellers try to find new and innovative ways to reach their customers. While for large companies and multinational corporations, it’s possible to spend a huge amount of money to get a few minutes on TV to advertise their products, it is not possible for middle sized and small businesses to do the same. They are still mostly limited to newspapers and pamphlets until the internet was introduced as a new tool of marketing. However, with the entry of new firm’s everyday in the market, it is not easy to reach your customers on the internet, even when your product has the potential to take the market by storm. It is important that you reach your customer in order to let him know about your product.

An interesting way out of this problem is in the form of an online directory. Now, what is an online directory and how can it help in reaching out to your customers better than any other medium? An online directory is very much like the good old yellow pages that you might know well. The only difference being, it is much more sophisticated. An online directory offers a common platform for buyers and sellers to meet their needs. Any seller registered with the online directory website can put up its products for the buyers who need and search for it. Buyers on the other hand can go through all the products displayed or search for anything specific that they need. Thus, in a way, it expands the choices for both sellers and buyers. Sellers get a wider customer base while buyers enjoy a greater variety without having to look into several websites, they can find a range of options all at one place.

The products are divided into categories to make it convenient for buyers to look for exactly what they need. Buyers can also advertise and mention what are the features that they are looking for in the product and sellers can contact them with their product. Similarly sellers can advertise their products under the relevant categories in an attractive way, including the contact details for the buyers to contact them. There are other different methods by which they can contact buyers. Some online directories even provide an option of sending messages regarding buyers to sellers and vice-versa via mail or on a mobile. Thus it gives great flexibility.  The advantage for sellers lies in the fact that they have an opportunity to present their product to a customer who actually requires the product rather than to a general audience. Secondly even small businesses can make their presence felt, which is very difficult otherwise. As for the buyers, they can get the best deal with so many sellers offering the same product. They can choose the product that offers them the best quality at the most affordable price.

If you have a business and are looking to increase your customer base, registering with a leading online directory can be a big step in making your presence felt in the respective market. If you want to buy or sell in the Philippines ( for example, an online directory based in the Philippines will serve your purpose well.