Friday, October 15, 2010

Battle Strikers: New Generation Tops

A new generation of spinning tops has arrived and this there will be no more manually releasing or throwing the top just to make it spin. The New Generation Tops are now tougher and cooler than ever before and, not to mention spins a lot faster! Introducing the new Battle Striker Metal XS series! Experience high-speed action with the intensity of clashing metal on metal at over 6000 revolution per minute and the great thing about this is that can you can control your Striker tops movements at your own. Move it where you want it to go or when you attack your opponent. 
 The Battle Striker Metal XS Tournament set brings you to the next level of battle tops with its innovative battling technology and control into your own hands with full metal weapons, a new motorized launcher, with a powerful magnetic control and comes with the ultimate battle knockout arena. Wait there’s more! Metal XS series introduces three new teams that Strikers will love to play with. First the Predators, they are the guardian of the land and seas, they are most fierce animals, and they will tear their way to their opponents with vicious attacks. Next is the Paladin, the elite warriors that rise from the dust of battle, they can outwit their opponents using intense fighting technique to take them down. And lastly, the Phantom, from dark corners of the world, they rise from the shadows, the most savage fiends that suck the energy of their opponents.
The great thing about Battle Striker is that you can customize the strikers to make it even stronger, if you have two or more strikers you can use to change or upgrade your strikers by combining their pieces together to make one new stronger striker. The more strikers you have, more you can improve your strikers’ performance.

Battle Strikers will have it first tournament here in the Philippines, starting on October 14 to 17 at SM San Lazaro, October 21 to 24 at SM Markina and on October 28 to 30 at SM Mall of Asia. Go grab these high tech battle tops, and be the turbo top champion to take home the prize money worth Php 15,000!

Battle Strikers and accessories are exclusively distributed by Europlay Distributor Company Inc. They are at all available leading toy stores and department stores nationwide. For more information call Europlay Distributor Company Inc. at telephone numbers 732-5141 to 47 loc 211

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MC said...

Whoa. Cool toys! Would like to go check out the events at Richwell.

I collect Hot Wheels and Matchbox. Thanks for posting these updates.